Getting Ready For Xmas Party


Is it Christmas yet?  This question is on our mind since the fall had started… There is nothing more exciting than a Christmas party and everything what comes with it:holiday shopping, gift wrapping and partying. Party is probably number One thing everyone are waiting for. But, what is the party without the right sparkly outfit, like a gold sequin skirt with a top. (I bought one already at Resultly.)That is my favorite one and I am pretty sure not only mine…

Sequin skirt never fails when it comes to Christmas events or any other special occasion when you are looking for that Bomb look and if you want to be a center of attention. It is super sparkly, looks good on any type of skin, age and the most important-it is very affordable and you can find tons of them in hundreds stores, or search online how I did that.

There are some rules what you should combine it with.

Rule number 1: Do not  ever wait that type of skirt with gold  or nude shoes. It will kill it! Seriously, black heels will be your best choice. Put a black top and you are ready to shine like a bright star.

Rule number2: Because the sequin material has already a statement it self, you should not worry about choosing too many accessories . You simply wont need too much. Maybe some earrings and a bracelet ( not silver though, black or gold color please), depending on the top you are planning to wear.

Rule number3: Red lipstick always look awesome with a gold outfit. So, this your time to rock it! Just do not forget to not to “mask” your eyes. Keep it simple.

Rule number4: It does not matter if your skirt is long or short. Usually, it will look stunning no matter what. Of course, you should be always careful with short skirts. Not flattering on some body types. Long skirt will give you elegance, if thats what you will be looking for on Christmas party. If you want to be a bombshell then short style is for you.

Rule number 5: A purse is another thing you have to think about. And actually, you have some choices! One can wear a black, red or gold clutch. No need to stick to a boring color, go crazy! Wear red or green, but again if you do something like that, please try not to mess it up with a colorful top. Again, black will be your best choice for a sequin skirt, like this on for example.

That is it ladies! Have a great party and stay fashionable all night!

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