Curvy Girl Style

I am a curvy girl, big, beautiful and proud. When it comes to body confidence I’ve got a ton! However, shopping for fashionable items can be such a hassle. Seems like stores just don’t want to carry items in real women sizes, and I’m over it. For example, one of my favorite places to shop is via Resultly, a social shopping app. I typed “peplum skirt” into their search feature and got tons and tons of peplum skirts, however they were mostly in normal girl sizes. check out my peplum skirt search here! Not cool! However, it was nice to see that there were a few peplum skirt options for those of us who are a bit more robust.

Leopard Print Peplum Skirt

peplum skirt


This peplum skirt is from Wet Seal, they actually have a pretty good selection of curvy girl clothing, however I just wish more stores did. Let’s be honest, Wet Seal has some cute stuff, but it is really cheap and falls apart.

As I look through all of the search results, I can’t help but cringe when I see how skinny most of the models are. Its not just that I want cute clothes in my size. Many of those peplum skirts come in my size, I just don’t understand why we are so obsessed with this stick thin skinny model. I mean they just look so hungry. Look at the photo below and tell me those legs look heathy?

peplum skirt

Those legs just look so skinny and unnatural. The peplum skirt should add some volume, but just falls flat with those skinny chicken legs. I just don’t think I will ever understand why someone would want to look like that. This skirt is from Revolve Clothing and only comes in extra small, small, and medium. Something is seriously sick and wrong with that. We need to stop perpetuating this ideal of beauty.

I digress, as I was saying, I am a curvy and proud. I did find a peplum skirt like. I actually purchased the one is showed you above. It look super cute with a blog top and some black heels. It was a for sure one of a kind look!

I just want to remind all of you to love yourself no matter what size you are because you are beautiful :) You don’t need to conform. Be healthy and happy! Lets show skinny betches that we are pretty and we can wear what ever we want!