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Bring back off the shoulder tops

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Yo, ladies, Party Patrick here, doing a guest post on my girl’s blog. So like, I’m here to tell you to show them shoulders cuz they be sexy. Damn right. It is time you got a guys opinion cuz those leggings and ugg boots are not doing it for use. What ever happened to those off shoulder tops? Those were mad sexy bro! Can you please bring them back. Like an off shoulder tops with some yoga pants. That would be pretty hot. Damn. Can we make that happen. Click on the link below, it is to this mad chill shopping app, resultly. Thats the link that will show you major off shoulder tops.

According to my girl, you can like buy those off shoulder tops form places that you normally shop like asos, macy’s, and pac sun. So get to shopping! Bros will be giving you hella mad compliments if you show off your shoulders. It drives us crazy. No joke. Here is what I’m talking bout. look at the sweet pic below.

off the shoulder top

Dude, that kind of shirt drives me crazy! Its like just enough skin so it is like sexy to the max, but I don’t think you look slutty. While I like it when girls dress slutty, I will not complain. But like I won’t take you home to meet my momma. Those off shoulder tops though, man, they have the perfect combo of slutty and sweet.

Now, lets talk about yoga pants. Thank god for yoga pants. You girls like them cuz you say they are comfy. Guys like them because well, they leave little to the imagination so can you all please keep wearing them. Is there some secret hot girl club where you like invited those to distract us? When I see a hot girl in yoga pants I notice big time and get like distracted.

Just stop tucking them into those ugg boots. They should be called ugly boots. You don’t look cute in them. I don’t care if they keep you warm they are mad ugly and you look ten times less attractive in them. No guy has ever seen a girl wearing ugg boots and thought “wow those boots are practical” NO! THEY ARE UGLY!!!!

Moving on lets recap:Gff shoulder tops is sexy. You look hella fine when you wear them so lets keep that up. Yoga pants are a gift from the gods. Keep that up too. Ugg boots not cute ever. Lets burn them all.