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Saved By The Bell sleeve dress

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Mr. Belding would not appreciate Kelly or Jessi roaming the halls of Bayside wearing one of these, but we don’t care! Bell sleeve dresses are so on point this season I can’t even contain my excitement.

I mean just admire the beauty, ease, comfort and sexy-ness of these dresses:

bell sleeve dress

Found at Nasty Gal

bell sleeve dress

Found at Resultly

bell sleeve dress

Found at Revolve Clothing

There is nothing I love more than these styles of dresses for a few reasons. Reason number one being, no matter how many times I go to yoga after work, I still feel my arms look fat. And with these sleeves, you can say ‘forget about it!’. They’re loosely fitted around the body similar to a shift dress which is incredibly flattering. You can always pair it with a belt around the waist to bring it all in if you do feel like you look like a house, which you don’t, believe me. One of my best friends has a very large chest, and this is always her go to reason for not wanting to wear tops that fall down from the chest. However, I tell her and I’ll tell you if you try to pull that with me, NO YOU DON’T! When you buy an A line dress which clenches right under your boob, sometimes it’s barely under and more like over it, it does not look good, and oftentimes makes you look bigger than you delusional¬†think you do in the shift dress.

These dresses can look good in the summer or winter. Regardless of how cold or snowy it may get, you know you want to look good when going out, and that sometimes requires a long sleeved, cute dress! The sleeves will keep you looking like you’re not straight off the plane from the Bahamas and incredibly out of place. Rock it with a pair of booties and you’re even better!

If you’re still wondering why you should channel your inner 60’s self and go for this bell sleeve dress look. Here are your answers.

1. They’re boho chic.

While yes, hippie may be a term that some like to use, others hear that and think ew. While I am by no means one of them, boho chic is something everyone ones to be. You’re casual, nonchalant, and any man’s drama free dream.

2. They’re their own accessory

Don’t even worry about trying to¬†accessorize a bell sleeve dress, shirt, tank top, sweater, or cardigan again because the flair of the sleeve is enough to make any outfit shine. It makes a statement and that statement is perfection.

3. Last, but not least, they’re occasional

And not in the way of you can wear them once in a while, but you can rock this look at any occasion! From what you might think, concerts and festivals, to family parties and GNO. This look can be worn anywhere and anytime, so that’s why I can’t get enough of it.

Check out this piece on how to style bell sleeves here.