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A Boot For All Seasons: Platform Boots

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At 5’6 I am considered to be an average size for most females in America. However, every time I put on some sort of heels people always comment on my height. This isn’t problematic for an evening out, but more so for a day to day basis. I love to dress up during the day, because it makes anyone feel confident and ready to take anything on. A perfect boot all year-round are platform boots. This is sort of like the wedge of the summer. My number one choice for a cute shoe in the summer were wedges. They are perfect for any occasion: a formal event, a casual saturday afternoon, or even for going to class.

Thus, similar to the wedge of the summer is equivalent to the platform boot of the fall, winter, spring, and even on cold summer nights. I love the platform boot because they are comfortable, elongate your legs, and simply put, they make your outfit. I love this pair of Stuart Weitzman knee-high nude boots. First of all, lets not get started with my obsession with Stuart Weitzman shoes. If you’re looking for a classic and COMFORTABLE shoe you’ll never go wrong with S.W. They are on the pricy side, but they will last you for years. The craftsmanship in his shoes is so intricate and you won’t regret your purchase.  Take a look at this fabulous pair below:


The nude color is perfect. These boots will go with anything. They are also skin tight, so they will blend in with your pants. However, sometimes it is a little difficult to fit your skinny jeans into tight knee high boots like this. I also love that there is a wedge platform. They are a little bit high but the platform at the top evens out this discrepancy. First tip to buying high heeled shoes: make sure they have a platform so you don’t destroy your feet on top of looking amazing in them. My mother would always tell me to not be cheap with shoes- you won’t regret it. I would rather spend an extra $100 on a pair of nice shoes that will last for years, and not cause me to develop calluses and bunions. Bunions will be the first thing to form from constant use of wrong fitting shoes.

Another pair of platform boots are the short botties that come right above the ankle. Take a look at this pair here.


Another favorite style of platform boots, are the ankle booties such in this style. These shoes are beautiful. The calf skin material on them shines and the dark brown/black color is stunning.  I like the ridges on the bottom of this particular pair because it helps with your feet traction during slippery conditions, such as rain or snow storms.

There’s a reason that Henry VII invented the heel. In any form, whether a heel or wedge they always elongate the leg and really make your outfit stand out. I found some more beautiful platform boots on Resultly.