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Shiny, Shimmery Gold Skirts

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‘Tis the season to be jolly and what better way to celebrate is to glam up your outfit with the season’s gold skirts.

Wearing gold or silver has only stayed either on my earrings, wrist or neck. I have not really considered wearing this color as a dress, skirt or top. I think it’s over the top but recently I have been seeing a lot of beautiful gold skirts worn by different women in different styles, which makes me wonder if I should start adding it up in my wardrobe.

I decided to search at Resultly online to see what their gold skirt collection look like. I have noticed that most of the gold skirts are not just the plain gold color. View my search here: I remember before, most of these skirts or dresses are in the metallic kind of fabric, making it a bit flashy to wear. I may have seen those type of gold dresses used either on an awards night or beauty pageants.

Resultly has this cute Akira gold skirt. The design is very intricate and looks like it was weaved rather than spider web-like design. Nevertheless, the skirt is stunning. This can be perfect for social gatherings or a romantic Christmas dinner with your hubby or special someone.

gold skirt

The skirt is made out of gold beads, sequins and lace. I think this looks like what Carrie Bradshaw would wear in one of her social functions with Mr. Big and will pair it off with one of her sexy Manolo Blahnik sandals. Check it out here.

Of course you do not have to break the bank to be in style. I found an Aeropostale gold skirt that is perfect for your daughter or younger sister. Though gold seems a bit too heavy for the young ones, this skirt looks light. They can pair it off with a white or black top and accessorize with a long-chained gold plated necklace and ballet flat shoes. If your daughter is not too bothered with being your twin for the entire night, you can also wear this with a black halter-top or cashmere sweater.

I will never be afraid of gold anymore and with this color be it a top, skirt or dress, it can definitely glam up not just your wardrobe but also the person wearing it.


A Boot For All Seasons: Platform Boots

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At 5’6 I am considered to be an average size for most females in America. However, every time I put on some sort of heels people always comment on my height. This isn’t problematic for an evening out, but more so for a day to day basis. I love to dress up during the day, because it makes anyone feel confident and ready to take anything on. A perfect boot all year-round are platform boots. This is sort of like the wedge of the summer. My number one choice for a cute shoe in the summer were wedges. They are perfect for any occasion: a formal event, a casual saturday afternoon, or even for going to class.

Thus, similar to the wedge of the summer is equivalent to the platform boot of the fall, winter, spring, and even on cold summer nights. I love the platform boot because they are comfortable, elongate your legs, and simply put, they make your outfit. I love this pair of Stuart Weitzman knee-high nude boots. First of all, lets not get started with my obsession with Stuart Weitzman shoes. If you’re looking for a classic and COMFORTABLE shoe you’ll never go wrong with S.W. They are on the pricy side, but they will last you for years. The craftsmanship in his shoes is so intricate and you won’t regret your purchase.  Take a look at this fabulous pair below:


The nude color is perfect. These boots will go with anything. They are also skin tight, so they will blend in with your pants. However, sometimes it is a little difficult to fit your skinny jeans into tight knee high boots like this. I also love that there is a wedge platform. They are a little bit high but the platform at the top evens out this discrepancy. First tip to buying high heeled shoes: make sure they have a platform so you don’t destroy your feet on top of looking amazing in them. My mother would always tell me to not be cheap with shoes- you won’t regret it. I would rather spend an extra $100 on a pair of nice shoes that will last for years, and not cause me to develop calluses and bunions. Bunions will be the first thing to form from constant use of wrong fitting shoes.

Another pair of platform boots are the short botties that come right above the ankle. Take a look at this pair here.


Another favorite style of platform boots, are the ankle booties such in this style. These shoes are beautiful. The calf skin material on them shines and the dark brown/black color is stunning.  I like the ridges on the bottom of this particular pair because it helps with your feet traction during slippery conditions, such as rain or snow storms.

There’s a reason that Henry VII invented the heel. In any form, whether a heel or wedge they always elongate the leg and really make your outfit stand out. I found some more beautiful platform boots on Resultly.



Bring back off the shoulder tops

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Yo, ladies, Party Patrick here, doing a guest post on my girl’s blog. So like, I’m here to tell you to show them shoulders cuz they be sexy. Damn right. It is time you got a guys opinion cuz those leggings and ugg boots are not doing it for use. What ever happened to those off shoulder tops? Those were mad sexy bro! Can you please bring them back. Like an off shoulder tops with some yoga pants. That would be pretty hot. Damn. Can we make that happen. Click on the link below, it is to this mad chill shopping app, resultly. Thats the link that will show you major off shoulder tops.

According to my girl, you can like buy those off shoulder tops form places that you normally shop like asos, macy’s, and pac sun. So get to shopping! Bros will be giving you hella mad compliments if you show off your shoulders. It drives us crazy. No joke. Here is what I’m talking bout. look at the sweet pic below.

off the shoulder top

Dude, that kind of shirt drives me crazy! Its like just enough skin so it is like sexy to the max, but I don’t think you look slutty. While I like it when girls dress slutty, I will not complain. But like I won’t take you home to meet my momma. Those off shoulder tops though, man, they have the perfect combo of slutty and sweet.

Now, lets talk about yoga pants. Thank god for yoga pants. You girls like them cuz you say they are comfy. Guys like them because well, they leave little to the imagination so can you all please keep wearing them. Is there some secret hot girl club where you like invited those to distract us? When I see a hot girl in yoga pants I notice big time and get like distracted.

Just stop tucking them into those ugg boots. They should be called ugly boots. You don’t look cute in them. I don’t care if they keep you warm they are mad ugly and you look ten times less attractive in them. No guy has ever seen a girl wearing ugg boots and thought “wow those boots are practical” NO! THEY ARE UGLY!!!!

Moving on lets recap:Gff shoulder tops is sexy. You look hella fine when you wear them so lets keep that up. Yoga pants are a gift from the gods. Keep that up too. Ugg boots not cute ever. Lets burn them all.


Saved By The Bell sleeve dress

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Mr. Belding would not appreciate Kelly or Jessi roaming the halls of Bayside wearing one of these, but we don’t care! Bell sleeve dresses are so on point this season I can’t even contain my excitement.

I mean just admire the beauty, ease, comfort and sexy-ness of these dresses:

bell sleeve dress

Found at Nasty Gal

bell sleeve dress

Found at Resultly

bell sleeve dress

Found at Revolve Clothing

There is nothing I love more than these styles of dresses for a few reasons. Reason number one being, no matter how many times I go to yoga after work, I still feel my arms look fat. And with these sleeves, you can say ‘forget about it!’. They’re loosely fitted around the body similar to a shift dress which is incredibly flattering. You can always pair it with a belt around the waist to bring it all in if you do feel like you look like a house, which you don’t, believe me. One of my best friends has a very large chest, and this is always her go to reason for not wanting to wear tops that fall down from the chest. However, I tell her and I’ll tell you if you try to pull that with me, NO YOU DON’T! When you buy an A line dress which clenches right under your boob, sometimes it’s barely under and more like over it, it does not look good, and oftentimes makes you look bigger than you delusional think you do in the shift dress.

These dresses can look good in the summer or winter. Regardless of how cold or snowy it may get, you know you want to look good when going out, and that sometimes requires a long sleeved, cute dress! The sleeves will keep you looking like you’re not straight off the plane from the Bahamas and incredibly out of place. Rock it with a pair of booties and you’re even better!

If you’re still wondering why you should channel your inner 60’s self and go for this bell sleeve dress look. Here are your answers.

1. They’re boho chic.

While yes, hippie may be a term that some like to use, others hear that and think ew. While I am by no means one of them, boho chic is something everyone ones to be. You’re casual, nonchalant, and any man’s drama free dream.

2. They’re their own accessory

Don’t even worry about trying to accessorize a bell sleeve dress, shirt, tank top, sweater, or cardigan again because the flair of the sleeve is enough to make any outfit shine. It makes a statement and that statement is perfection.

3. Last, but not least, they’re occasional

And not in the way of you can wear them once in a while, but you can rock this look at any occasion! From what you might think, concerts and festivals, to family parties and GNO. This look can be worn anywhere and anytime, so that’s why I can’t get enough of it.

Check out this piece on how to style bell sleeves here.


Getting Ready For Xmas Party

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Is it Christmas yet?  This question is on our mind since the fall had started… There is nothing more exciting than a Christmas party and everything what comes with it:holiday shopping, gift wrapping and partying. Party is probably number One thing everyone are waiting for. But, what is the party without the right sparkly outfit, like a gold sequin skirt with a top. (I bought one already at Resultly.)That is my favorite one and I am pretty sure not only mine…

Sequin skirt never fails when it comes to Christmas events or any other special occasion when you are looking for that Bomb look and if you want to be a center of attention. It is super sparkly, looks good on any type of skin, age and the most important-it is very affordable and you can find tons of them in hundreds stores, or search online how I did that.

There are some rules what you should combine it with.

Rule number 1: Do not  ever wait that type of skirt with gold  or nude shoes. It will kill it! Seriously, black heels will be your best choice. Put a black top and you are ready to shine like a bright star.

Rule number2: Because the sequin material has already a statement it self, you should not worry about choosing too many accessories . You simply wont need too much. Maybe some earrings and a bracelet ( not silver though, black or gold color please), depending on the top you are planning to wear.

Rule number3: Red lipstick always look awesome with a gold outfit. So, this your time to rock it! Just do not forget to not to “mask” your eyes. Keep it simple.

Rule number4: It does not matter if your skirt is long or short. Usually, it will look stunning no matter what. Of course, you should be always careful with short skirts. Not flattering on some body types. Long skirt will give you elegance, if thats what you will be looking for on Christmas party. If you want to be a bombshell then short style is for you.

Rule number 5: A purse is another thing you have to think about. And actually, you have some choices! One can wear a black, red or gold clutch. No need to stick to a boring color, go crazy! Wear red or green, but again if you do something like that, please try not to mess it up with a colorful top. Again, black will be your best choice for a sequin skirt, like this on for example.

That is it ladies! Have a great party and stay fashionable all night!


Curvy Girl Style

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I am a curvy girl, big, beautiful and proud. When it comes to body confidence I’ve got a ton! However, shopping for fashionable items can be such a hassle. Seems like stores just don’t want to carry items in real women sizes, and I’m over it. For example, one of my favorite places to shop is via Resultly, a social shopping app. I typed “peplum skirt” into their search feature and got tons and tons of peplum skirts, however they were mostly in normal girl sizes. check out my peplum skirt search here! Not cool! However, it was nice to see that there were a few peplum skirt options for those of us who are a bit more robust.

Leopard Print Peplum Skirt

peplum skirt


This peplum skirt is from Wet Seal, they actually have a pretty good selection of curvy girl clothing, however I just wish more stores did. Let’s be honest, Wet Seal has some cute stuff, but it is really cheap and falls apart.

As I look through all of the search results, I can’t help but cringe when I see how skinny most of the models are. Its not just that I want cute clothes in my size. Many of those peplum skirts come in my size, I just don’t understand why we are so obsessed with this stick thin skinny model. I mean they just look so hungry. Look at the photo below and tell me those legs look heathy?

peplum skirt

Those legs just look so skinny and unnatural. The peplum skirt should add some volume, but just falls flat with those skinny chicken legs. I just don’t think I will ever understand why someone would want to look like that. This skirt is from Revolve Clothing and only comes in extra small, small, and medium. Something is seriously sick and wrong with that. We need to stop perpetuating this ideal of beauty.

I digress, as I was saying, I am a curvy and proud. I did find a peplum skirt like. I actually purchased the one is showed you above. It look super cute with a blog top and some black heels. It was a for sure one of a kind look!

I just want to remind all of you to love yourself no matter what size you are because you are beautiful :) You don’t need to conform. Be healthy and happy! Lets show skinny betches that we are pretty and we can wear what ever we want!