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Shiny, Shimmery Gold Skirts

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‘Tis the season to be jolly and what better way to celebrate is to glam up your outfit with the season’s gold skirts.

Wearing gold or silver has only stayed either on my earrings, wrist or neck. I have not really considered wearing this color as a dress, skirt or top. I think it’s over the top but recently I have been seeing a lot of beautiful gold skirts worn by different women in different styles, which makes me wonder if I should start adding it up in my wardrobe.

I decided to search at Resultly online to see what their gold skirt collection look like. I have noticed that most of the gold skirts are not just the plain gold color. View my search here: I remember before, most of these skirts or dresses are in the metallic kind of fabric, making it a bit flashy to wear. I may have seen those type of gold dresses used either on an awards night or beauty pageants.

Resultly has this cute Akira gold skirt. The design is very intricate and looks like it was weaved rather than spider web-like design. Nevertheless, the skirt is stunning. This can be perfect for social gatherings or a romantic Christmas dinner with your hubby or special someone.

gold skirt

The skirt is made out of gold beads, sequins and lace. I think this looks like what Carrie Bradshaw would wear in one of her social functions with Mr. Big and will pair it off with one of her sexy Manolo Blahnik sandals. Check it out here.

Of course you do not have to break the bank to be in style. I found an Aeropostale gold skirt that is perfect for your daughter or younger sister. Though gold seems a bit too heavy for the young ones, this skirt looks light. They can pair it off with a white or black top and accessorize with a long-chained gold plated necklace and ballet flat shoes. If your daughter is not too bothered with being your twin for the entire night, you can also wear this with a black halter-top or cashmere sweater.

I will never be afraid of gold anymore and with this color be it a top, skirt or dress, it can definitely glam up not just your wardrobe but also the person wearing it.